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Macedonian Green Center (MGC) - Center for research, advocacy and lobbing.
MGC is a non-governmental and non-partisan organization for advocacy, lobbying and research for environmental issues.

MGC was established in May 2006 on initiative of several environmental organizations. It is organization descendant of the Working Group for Greening of the Local Elections (WGGLE) that was initiated and established by Milieukontakt International in December 2003. 

The founders (WGGLE, Eko svest –Skopje, Biosfera –Bitola, Krste Jon – Struga, Proaktiva – Skopje, Kocka - Skopje and Eko.Net – Skopje) are well known and active e-NGOs in Macedonia and the region of Southwest Europe. All of them have taken part within a Milieukontakt International programs in Macedonia, mainly in the areas of organizational strengthening, campaigning and networking.


MGC mission is to promote concrete democratic tools that will enable citizens to play active role in the democratic and transparent decision making process, and to raise understanding of the environment as truly important political issue in Macedonia.


Our long term goal is to promote concrete democratic tools will enable citizens to play active role in the democratic and transparent decision making process and to raise understanding of the environment as truly important political issue in Macedonia through:

  • To raise importance of environmental topics on the higher level on politic agendas through public hearings and debate concerning environmental issues;
  • To establish clear connection between possibilities for local economic development and environmental issues concerning healthy environment as one of the key conditions for local economic development


Macedonian Green Center has been established by representatives from 6 environmental non governmental organizations:

Eco-sense from Skopje, their primary interests are solving the problems with waste management, promotion of environmentally-friendly and sustainable transport in Macedonia and the promotion of transparency in the work of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in Macedonia, protection of the environment and cultural heritage, promotion and information dissemination about the new and sustainable ways to use energy (biogas and bio-fuel, solar energy, etc), and working on GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Проактива Скопје

Proaktiva from Skopje, their mission is to promote: energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, public transport and alternative ways of transport through implementing sustainable principals.


Eko.Net from Skopje - Center for electronic communication provides the environmental NGOs with a possibility to promote their activities to the public. Also Eko.Net is giving them the possibility to exchange information between each other, which will improve the access of environmental information's to everybody that is concerned.

И.П.О Крсте Јон / Зелен Центар

Krste Jon/Green Center from Struga, their activities are aiming to protect Ohrid Lake as world and cultural monument from one hand and important water recourse from other hand.


KOCKA Network of Independent Consultants is not-for-profit and non-governmental organization. The network provides trainings and counseling for/to NGOs, private companies, local governments, governmental and international institutions.

Biosfera from Bitola, their primary activities are integration of environmental NGOs and environmental policy with EU standards and working principles.


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