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Project cycle management 

Macedonian Green Center (MGC) prepares and offers services in project cycle management, through problem analysis and needs assessment for beginning of the project, preparation of the project proposal documentation, implementation of the project, monitoring and assessment of project implementation, preparation of project reports as well as administrative and financial project management.

Strategic planning 

Due to better resource management in the communities, organizations, institutions and companies operational strategic documents should be prepared with concrete action plans. The MGC team offers services in preparation of strategic documents with action plans, as LEAP, Local Agenda 21, Green Agenda, plans for waste management, management of the water resources, development plans, risk management plans etc. Also, MGC offers services in preparation of business and marketing plans for the business sector, as well as capacity building plans for the organizations.  

Education and training 

Education and trainings are one of the main activities and services that Macedonian Green Centre offers. Depending on the capacity building needs of the communities, civil society organizations, local self-government units and the business sector, MGC develops plans for realization and evaluation of programmes for training and education activities on different topics related to sustainable development, capacity building, management of natural resources and environmental protection. 

Organisation of events and logistical support 

MGC offers services for organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, forums, debates, presentations and campaigns, through complete logistics for organizing different events. Further, we offer technical assistance for preparation of polls and researches, preparation of representative materials, preparation of printed materials, and preparation and hosting of web-sides.

Advocacy and lobbying 

MGC offers services and activities for promotion, advocacy and lobbying for issues and solutions connected with environment, sustainable development, and improvement of the living conditions of the communities and citizens; MGC also offers technical, logistical and professional help for achieving the interests of sustainable development of the communities and citizens, through involvement and animation of the public, building collaboration and partnership, creating of public policies and access to information, lobbying the Parliamentarians, mayors of municipalities and other institutions.

Application for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)Permits 
With entering into force of the new environmental legislation all installations anticipated by the Law on environment are obliged to prepare Application for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit. Depending on the installation capacity, permits are divided in A and B IPPC permits. The MGC team is open for preparation of full documentation for submitting Application for issuing IPPC permits.

Environmental Assessment (EIA and SEA) 

According to legislation, for curtain infrastructural projects defined by the Law on environment, prior their implementation it is necessary Study for environmental impact assessment to be prepared. MGC has qualified staff for preparation and technical assistance for preparation of EIA Studies. 
For certain strategic documents – strategies, plans and programmes, defined by the Law on environment, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Report, should be prepared. MGC team is also available for preparation of such documents.

System for environmental management 

Pollution control and impact on the environment are monitored through management systems. Depending on the needs and type of the environmental management systems, several management models are developed. MGC offers services for implementation of EMAS (Eco-management and audit scheme) systems, which are primarily anticipated to companies; as well as the ISO system with implementation of ISO 14000 standards, and designing of systems for external and internal monitoring of the environment.


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